Secret Weapon Lures SideArm

| Fishing Product Reviews, Great American Companies | July 11, 2014

Secret Weapon_Quick Strike

Company: Secret Weapon
Product Line: Quickstrick | Sidearm | BuzzRbait | Recoil Rig

Secret Weapon_SideArm

Product(s) reviewed: Quickstrick and Sidearm
Our Opinion:
We really like the unique, quick blade-change, design.  The Secret Weapon Lures design allows flexibility like no other spinner-bait.  If you’re fishing clear water with Willow blades and the conditions change, simply remove the Willow blades and clip on a pair of Colorado blades.

The quality of Secret Weapon Lures is top-notch.  Their made with high quality components that last for years.  I’m speaking from my personal experience.  I’ve been using my QuickStrick spinner baits for about 5 years.  They still look great and perform like new even though I’ve caught hundreds of Bass and I’ll admit, I occasionally hit rocks, docks and trees.

The Sidearm offers another unique feature.  In addition to the quick change blades, the Sidearm blades run side-by-side.  This gives you a unique presentation and could be the difference needed to win.

Secret Weapon Lures aren’t cheap, but when you consider that you can change the same spinner-bait into hundreds of configurations, you’re actually saving money.  Well worth the initial investment.

Secret Weapon logo

Secret Weapon Lures earns our title of Great American Company for their support of our Troops as well as being Designed and Made in America.  Buy American!

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Jim | Team BA

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Hitch Series Trailer Hitch

| Fishing Product Reviews, Great American Companies | July 11, 2014

Hitch Series Trailer Hitch

Company: Hitch Series


Product Line:  Trailer Hitch | Bait Hitch | Texas Rig Hitch

Product(s) reviewed: Trailer Hitch


Hitch Series Trailer Hitch Close-upHitch Series Trailer Hitch Frog

Our Opinion:  One word….Love’m !!!….or is that two words?  The Trailer Hitch is one of those, “now why didn’t I think of that?” products.  It’s a simple, spring-steel clip, designed to attach to almost any bait…ie…chatter-bait, jig, spinner bait, buzzin’ frog…etc….  Very easy to use, extremely effective at holding your soft-plastic trailer in place, and does not adversely affect performance.

I’m sure you’ve experienced the frustration of your soft-plastic trailer slipping or bunching up at the bottom of your hook.  Especially after the soft-plastic has been “hit” a few times or drug through heavy cover.  You can stop that frustrating task of resetting the soft-plastic with the Hitch Series products.  I’ve been using these for about 3 years and I can tell you, your soft-plastic trailer will NOT move no matter what cover you throw into.  You get more use out of every soft-plastic (which aren’t cheap), and spend less time re-rigging to get more casts per hour.

There’s also the “confidence” factor.  We hear that having confidence in your lure leads to more fish.  Well, with the Trailer Hitch, you can be confident your plastic didn’t slip during the cast, confident your bait is performing as expected, and confident you won’t have to re-rig before your next cast.

Fishing without a Hitch Series feels like you’re fishing naked…..nobody wants to see you fish naked!

Hitch SeriesAlso, Hitch Series earns our title of another Great American Company.  Their products are Designed and Made in America.  Buy American!

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Jim | Team BA

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A.R.E. Truck Toppers Review

| Great American Companies | July 1, 2014

I found another Great American Company and here’s my experience;

I purchased a used Ford F350 with a color-matched A.R.E. truck topper.  It’s a really nice looking topper but honestly, I know very little about toppers.  When I picked it up from the topper storage facility, the guy loading it said, “That’s a top-of-the-line truck topper!”  So, I guess I have a great topper.  I recently discovered how great when I noticed a small piece of window molding that would flap while driving.

Truck Topper Review

Truck Topper Molding coming off

I decided to call the company to figure out the best way to fix it and determine cost.

I found their website,, and was pleasantly surprised to see they partner with B.A.S.S.  As I continued down the page, I was even more pleased to see their products are Made in the USA (Ohio specifically).  I’m the guy who goes out of my way to “Buy American”.  I also discovered they support the Wounded Warrior Project and even built the Wounded Warrior Project Truck.  As you can imagine, I’m thinking this company looks awesome!  Then I called them and to my utter disbelief….wait for it….a REAL person answered the phone!!!  The icing-on-the-cake came after I explained my issue.  The only question the guy asked was, “What’s your address?” and he stated he would have the new parts “in the mail today”.  Three days later, they were on my doorstep!

Truck Topper Review

Waiting when I got home.

Truck Topper Review

New molding WITH 3M adhesive

They didn’t charge me for the parts or even the shipping!  Now that’s a Great American Company that stands by their product.

They also offer a full line of accessories, from fishing rod holders to truck-bed safes to cargo slide systems, and much more.  If you’re buying a truck topper or anything for your truck, support a Great American Company, go with A.R.E.

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Kill or be Killed!!!

| Fishing Short Stories, Useful / Interesting | June 20, 2014

Bass Boat AccidentIt’s your choice, either Kill or be Killed.  I’m not talking about war here….Use your boat kill switch or you could be killed.

At a recent event, one of our competitors had their steering cable snap while running full-throttle.  The motor slammed to the right causing the boat to make an immediate, hard right turn. Bass Boat accident flip The driver was nearly thrown but was able to stay in the boat.  If you are thrown, your boat goes into what commonly called the “Circle of Death”.  You may think you will have time to pull the throttle back or that you could simply swim away from an idling boat….don’t fool yourself.Bass Boat Circle of Death


This incident served as a stark reminder of how things can go bad, and go bad quickly.  I’ll admit, I’ve been a little complacent when it comes to attaching the kill-switch but now I wear it every time the main motor is running.  You should too.

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Bad Bass Boys LLC

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Great place to stay

| Great American Companies, Useful / Interesting | July 26, 2013

Deerwood MotelDeerwood Motel MapIf you need a place to hang your hat for the night in central Minnesota, check out the Deerwood Motel.  I stayed there recently for a tournament.  The rooms are comfortable, there is boat parking and they have electrical hookups.  They allowed me to check in early so I could get out and pre-fish without having to come back to check-in.  The staff make you feel like you’ve known them for a long time.  Just down-to-earth good people and another Great American Company.

Check out our review of Bay Lake which is about 10 minutes away.

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Jim Juntunen

Bad Bass Boys LLC

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Squirrel Fishing – Wait, what?

| Fishing Short Stories | July 22, 2013

Squirrel Fishing

Squirrel caught with fishing rod and line…no hooks.

This little guy was raiding our dog food bag while we were camping so what would you do?

Me…I set a trap that involved a fishing rod and line fashioned into a snare.  It took a little patience but in the end, I defeated Mother Nature.  The results?  Squirrel over an open fire…nothin’ better!  Kidding…just kidding.  The critter was released unharmed, probably a little pissed, but unharmed.


What’s your crazy outdoor story?  Let us know in the comments below.

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Hello world!

| Website Updates | July 21, 2013

Welcome to Post your Ads and enjoy the site as we continue to build!

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District Disaster x 2 “LOOK OUT. HE’S GOING TO HIT YOU!”

| Fishing Short Stories, Useful / Interesting | January 21, 2008

What a disaster!  This was it, the final event.  The culmination of many early mornings, several tournaments, many days of practice and several entry fees all to get here.  It was finally upon us. The District 2 Day State Championship.  The morning was crisp and cool with a slight fog hovering over the lake.  The sun was just starting to crest and the smell of outboard engines was in the air.  Man I love tournament mornings.  After receiving the rules and safety brief and getting our take-off positions, I climbed aboard my boat.  My mind was racing as I triple checked, to ensure all my equipment was in pristine condition, ready to deal a devastating loss to my competition.  I watched my opponents walk across the beach and board their vessels.  Some where laughing and joking, others appearing to be determined and anxious.  In my mind, I rehearsed my strategy in preparation for ooze off….Now hold on a minute.  I must digress here.  Why do we call it ooze off?  Are we really fooling anyone?  Have you ever seen a guy start a tournament by gently easing the throttle forward to a comfortable cruising speed while he enjoys a cup of joe and a donut?  I never have.  What I know is the throttle hammering, blast out of the hole, wave skippin’, cold, tears streaming down your face adrenaline rush called a “blast off”.  That’s what I know.  That’s what I was mentally preparing for.  Let’s be honest and call it what it is.  So, as I was preparing for the “blast off” my thoughts were shattered by someone yelling, “LOOK OUT.  HE’S GOING TO HIT YOU!”  I turned and watched helplessly as another angler fumbled for his throttle, trying to stop his motor from backing into mine.  It was too late.  As the motors connected, he gunned his engine clipping my prop with his.  My boat was still beached and I was out of commission with a large chunk of a prop blade missing.  This guy must be a pro, I thought.  He managed to eliminate one opponent before we even took off.  How did I fail to anticipate that tactic?  How could I be so stupid?  I didn’t even consider this type of strategy.  How clever was this guy?  I had no recourse or counter-attack.  No way to reinsert myself into the fight, I merely took a whoopin with no way to recover.

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Master Angler Programs & Contests

| Useful / Interesting | January 14, 2008

Let’s face it.  Bass fishermen primarily fish because we like the adrenaline rush, right?  Whether it’s the blast-off in the morning, bugs in your teeth as you scream down the lake, or setting the hook like a champ, we’re not out there to listen to birds chirp.  Of course, there are exceptions.  My problem is, on non-tourney days a lot of the excitement is missing.  I need something to strive for so I participate in alternate programs.

Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame, Master Angler, Big Fish or Big Catch (just to name a few) are all State run programs that promote sport fishing through an awards program.  Award items vary by state but could include; patches, certificates, shirts, hats, listing in Hall of Fame, titles (like Master Angler or Expert Angler) …etc…

There are a few companies out there that also have free programs to participate in.  The MEPPS Master Angler Program comes to mind as well as the Angling Master International free derbies.  Both are a fun way to add a little competitive edge to your day on the water.  The MEPPS program is great and very easy to understand.  The criteria is simple, catch a fish, take a picture and submit it, receive your certificate and patch.  I, myself, have the Trophy Fish Award.  The Angling Masters International is like MySpace for anglers.  It’s a great way to meet fishermen and women from everywhere.  Share stories and ideas and participate in some unique, online derbies.  There are too many details for me to explain here so you will have to check it out yourself.

Bottom line is, these programs can be used to create friendly competition and add a little excitement to your fishing trip.  Get involved!

Jim Juntunen

Bad Bass Boys LLC

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| Fishing Short Stories, Useful / Interesting | August 11, 2007

Rock Bass at Bay Lake

If you like catching rock bass and lots of them, Bay Lake should be your next vacation destination. Bay Lake is located in central Minnesota just northwest of Lake Mille Lacs, near the town of Deerwood.  It also holds quality Largemouth Bass, Pike, and Sunfish.  The water is crystal clear with the bottom primarily consisting of gravel and sand.  I could see structure seven feet down.  It’s a large lake but it is broken up by islands and canals so it fishes like a small lake.

I skipped senkos and french fry worms under docks. Topwater was productive around the weed lines in 6 to 12 feet deep.   The Rock Bass and Northern Pike liked everything I threw that day: senkos, french fry worms, buzz baits, and poppers, it didn’t matter.  The Largemouth Bass preferred the worms.  If you’re looking for Rock Bass, Bay Lake should be on your bucket-list.

If you need a place to stay, check out our review of the Deerwood Motel.

Jim Juntunen

Bad Bass Boys LLC

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