Secret Weapon Lures SideArm

| Fishing Product Reviews, Great American Companies | July 11, 2014

Secret Weapon_Quick Strike

Company: Secret Weapon
Product Line: Quickstrick | Sidearm | BuzzRbait | Recoil Rig

Secret Weapon_SideArm

Product(s) reviewed: Quickstrick and Sidearm
Our Opinion:
We really like the unique, quick blade-change, design.  The Secret Weapon Lures design allows flexibility like no other spinner-bait.  If you’re fishing clear water with Willow blades and the conditions change, simply remove the Willow blades and clip on a pair of Colorado blades.

The quality of Secret Weapon Lures is top-notch.  Their made with high quality components that last for years.  I’m speaking from my personal experience.  I’ve been using my QuickStrick spinner baits for about 5 years.  They still look great and perform like new even though I’ve caught hundreds of Bass and I’ll admit, I occasionally hit rocks, docks and trees.

The Sidearm offers another unique feature.  In addition to the quick change blades, the Sidearm blades run side-by-side.  This gives you a unique presentation and could be the difference needed to win.

Secret Weapon Lures aren’t cheap, but when you consider that you can change the same spinner-bait into hundreds of configurations, you’re actually saving money.  Well worth the initial investment.

Secret Weapon logo

Secret Weapon Lures earns our title of Great American Company for their support of our Troops as well as being Designed and Made in America.  Buy American!

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Hitch Series Trailer Hitch

| Fishing Product Reviews, Great American Companies | July 11, 2014

Hitch Series Trailer Hitch

Company: Hitch Series


Product Line:  Trailer Hitch | Bait Hitch | Texas Rig Hitch

Product(s) reviewed: Trailer Hitch


Hitch Series Trailer Hitch Close-upHitch Series Trailer Hitch Frog

Our Opinion:  One word….Love’m !!!….or is that two words?  The Trailer Hitch is one of those, “now why didn’t I think of that?” products.  It’s a simple, spring-steel clip, designed to attach to almost any bait…ie…chatter-bait, jig, spinner bait, buzzin’ frog…etc….  Very easy to use, extremely effective at holding your soft-plastic trailer in place, and does not adversely affect performance.

I’m sure you’ve experienced the frustration of your soft-plastic trailer slipping or bunching up at the bottom of your hook.  Especially after the soft-plastic has been “hit” a few times or drug through heavy cover.  You can stop that frustrating task of resetting the soft-plastic with the Hitch Series products.  I’ve been using these for about 3 years and I can tell you, your soft-plastic trailer will NOT move no matter what cover you throw into.  You get more use out of every soft-plastic (which aren’t cheap), and spend less time re-rigging to get more casts per hour.

There’s also the “confidence” factor.  We hear that having confidence in your lure leads to more fish.  Well, with the Trailer Hitch, you can be confident your plastic didn’t slip during the cast, confident your bait is performing as expected, and confident you won’t have to re-rig before your next cast.

Fishing without a Hitch Series feels like you’re fishing naked…..nobody wants to see you fish naked!

Hitch SeriesAlso, Hitch Series earns our title of another Great American Company.  Their products are Designed and Made in America.  Buy American!

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